Detailed analysis of your media presence

Information is the currency of the 21st century. However, a large amount of data and statistical reports mean nothing if you cannot understand what they are showing.

With the help of our media analysis department and their expert interpretation of your media reports, you will be able to:

  • Identify the strengths and weaknesses of your communication activities
  • Objectively see the media position of your brand in relation to competitors
  • Detect relevant authors and media


A compact, concise and concrete overview of data

Any analysis you receive answers specific and relevant questions about your media presence. Our analysis covers press, television, radio, internet portals, and if necessary also blogs, social networks, podcasts and YouTube shows.

Your report will contain:

  • how often the media reports about you
  • which segment of your business is dominant in media reporting – corporate, CSR, brand…
  • the media sentiment used to report on your activities – positive, neutral or negative
  • the position your brand takes up in relation to competitors
  • the types of media you appear in
  • how much your topic/product was in the primary focus of the media
  • which journalists write about you most often
  • the ratio between marketing investment and achieved publicity


Kliping analysis

As a result, you will know the exact effect of your media activities and you will be able to plan your future communication strategy efficiently and based on relevant and objective information


Analysis in accordance with to your key indicators and metrics

Every analysis you receive is made specifically and exclusively for you and your brand, in accordance with KPIs and metrics defined in agreement with you at the beginning of our cooperation.

You will not be getting a commonplace analysis covering the entire sector in general, but a comprehensive analytical report tailored to your needs.


Aligned with your visual identity

Save the time needed to prepare presentations about your media activities.

Optional analytical reports are available in a branded format:

  • with your corporate colours
  • with your brand fonts
  • with your logo

Kliping is part of Newton Media Group, a brand leader in the field of monitoring, which consists of 20 companies across 9 countries.

By cooperating with us, you have the support of a stable international company with extensive experience in doing business across the globe.

We are also proud members of international media monitoring and analysis organisations – AMEC  and FIBEP. Thanks to this, the service you receive is in line with the world’s finest practices and the latest trends in the industry.

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