Social media monitoring

Monitor all social media, relevant blogs and forums, as well as the most read portals in Serbia and the region 24/7/365. Never miss anything important.


  • Find out how your brand is perceived online
  • Identify the potential needs of your customers
  • Track the activities of your competition
  • Find adequate influencers for your brand
  • Discover new trends on social networks in time


Social media monitoring helps PR and marketing professionals to monitor their brands on social media in real time, to obtain timely, filtered and relevant information and thus make the best decisions for their future online appearance.



Monitoring technology

Metricom collects and analyzes over 1 million posts from social networks Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, relevant forums and blogs, as well as comments on texts from the most visited internet portals in Serbia and the region.

With the help of artificial intelligence, it automatically classifies posts by keywords and agreed topics that are relevant to your business. This process is fully automatic and takes place in real time.


Choose monitoring
that suits you best

Basic social media monitoring

Ideal for starters, it will enable you to follow all important mentions on social networks and stay up to date.

Basic monitoring includes monitoring of all social networks, relevant blogs and forums, as well as the most visited portals in Serbia and the region, 24/7/365.


Basic monitoring allows you to:

  • assign keywords that interest you
  • gain insight into all posts on all social networks in real time
  • track them on the go through our mobile app
Osnovni I Napredni Kliping

Advanced social media monitoring

More relevant data means better decisions.


We have recognised the need to provide an additional service in order for you to better monitor and improve your performance on social networks. In a sea of ​​irrelevant information, you will know at all times how the public percieves both your brand and your competition on social networks. You will also have a clear picture of how social media users comment on certain topics and phenomena in your industry.


The content is reviewed and filtered by our team of analysts, which carries out in-depth analysis of relevant reports. Advanced monitoring offers:


  • basic monitoring (access to the Metricom app)
  • analytics and interactive report
  • content filtering (highlighting relevant posts)
  • daily updates
  • analysis by analysts
  • the report contains the following parameters:
    • source of post (FB, TW, IN, YT, forum, blog…), author of post, number of impressions, number of interactions, list of the most prominent influencers, word cloud, list of all reports, sentiment (positive, negative, neutral), thematic focus (mentions of products, services, company representatives, CSR activities, promotional campaigns, etc.), and many othermetrics available in accordance with your choices and needs.

All this is provided in an interactive format within one report.

Additional specialised analysis for better online performance

Comparative profile analysis

After you track, analyze and improve your performance on social networks, we are ready to go even further with you so that you can be competitive in the market.


With additional analysis, carried out for you by our expert team, we compare the performance of certain profiles and posts of one brand in relation to another. These can be brands within your company, but we also offer comparison with your competition.


Uporedna Analiza Profila
Mikro Influenseri

Discover micro-influencers before others

We live in an era of cooperation between brands and micro-influencers with access to narrow target groups. However, it isn’t easy to identify a suitable influencer.


Our technology tracks the number of impressions as well as the number of interactions on specific posts and their authors.


Whether you need an influencer for rural tourism or motoring, we can offer recommendations for engaging influencers in specific areas.

Relevant information and meaningful conclusions

Nowadays, a huge amount of information is placed on the Internet, so it isn’t easy to filter what is actually useful for your business. You probably often come across arguments, spins, long and pointless debates.

It’s isn’t easy to get the right information, relevant to your business, much less key conclusions about your target group.

Fortunately, technology gives you the possibility to extract only what is essential from all the noise.

The Kliping Metricom app collects over 1,000,000 online posts every day, and with the support of advanced technology and our expert team of analysts, you will get complete insight into online communication about your brand and industry.

Remember, 80% of mentions of your brand happen outside of your official profiles.

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