monitoring drustvenih mreza

As we all know, social media are becoming an increasingly more prominent channel of communication. Regardless of a great number of irrelevant content, the inevitable fake news, pretentious interpretations and spinning, there is still a significant part of highly useful and relevant data from which you can gain insight into the thoughts, emotions and opinions of your target group.

Surely you’ve had the chance, while scrolling through your favorite social network, to see posts of dissatisfied consumers, angry and livid, because a certain company or product has failed their expectations. Also, it is not rare to see quite a meaningful conversation, rich in arguments and exchange of opinions about a particular social-political subject, new marketing campaign of a certain brand, the positive or negative impact a certain product can have on health, etc. Of course, even though they are somewhat more seldom, there are also positive examples – satisfied consumers who recommend their favorite product, company, service, etc.

Such exchanges of information, emotions, opinions, also include topics connected directly or indirectly to your business. If you are not informed about them in a timely fashion, you won’t be able to:

  • Actively get involved in the conversation as an individual or as a company and share your opinions and arguments pertaining to certain topics of interest for your business
  • React in a timely manner to possible untruthful information presented about your company, service or product
  • Learn what your current or potential clients think about certain current topics, and how they respond to various news, campaigns, events
  • Detect relevant influential individuals, that is, persons who instigate rational and meaningful discussions.

And much more.


Due to all of the above, the service of social media monitoring is slowly becoming a necessity if you want to be informed adequately of the communication being conducted more and more on the internet, and less and less in traditional media.

With the help of our social media monitoring software Metricom, we gather over a million posts from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, relevant forums and blogs, as well as comments on texts from the most read internet portals in Serbia and in the region every day. Based on defined key words and complex queries, with the help of artificial intelligence, Metricom automatically classifies posts according to agreed topics of interest for your business. That is the first degree of content filtering, which is done completely automatically and in real time. After that, the filtered content is reviewed by our analysts, relevant posts are sorted by sentiment (positive, negative, neutral) and thematic focus (product, service, company representatives, CSR activity, promotional campaign, etc.) and an online interactive report is created, available to you at every moment and updated automatically several times a day.

Aside from the aforementioned parameters, the report contains basic information such as:

  • Source of the post (FB, TW, IN, YT, forum, blog…)
  • The author of the post
  • The number of impressions
  • The number of interactions
  • The list of the most influential influencers
  • Word cloud
  • List of all posts