monitoring medija


Kliping monitors all print media published in the territory of Serbia, that is, over 300 national, regional and local print media, as well as specialized press and bulletins. Through our partnership with the members of the Newton Media Group and FIBEP, we cover print media from Southeast and Central Europe, and the entire world. Press clippings are delivered to clients as fast as possible, often even before the newspapers hit the stands. Daily newspapers and the most important weeklies are delivered to clients during the evening and the night for the following day, while other periodical press is processed on the day the issue is published. The format of the report can be pdf, jpg or textual, with the help of automatic OCR.


The Kliping agency monitors over 100 television channels and radio stations, that is, all channels with national coverage, as well as a large number of local media. Even though the focus of monitoring is on the news program, we also monitor many shows from the area of culture, sports, economy, and society. If the clients deem it necessary, the most important TV and radio stations can be monitored 24/7. Aside from Serbian electronic media, there is the option of monitoring the electronic media in the region of Southeast and Central Europe, as well as the rest of the world. From the moment they are broadcast, the maximum time for the delivery of videos from national TV stations, is one to three hours, depending on the TV station and the show. The format of the report can be video footage, audio recording, transcript or summary.


Over 1,000 Serbian and several dozens of thousands of websites from around the world are included in Kliping’s offer. Internet reports are delivered to clients 30-60 minutes after being posted, at the latest, in the form of pdf, text, or in the form of a link to the original post. Aside from news websites, Kliping monitors the websites of state institutions, non-governmental organizations, local self-governments and companies. In cooperation with clients and depending on their needs, the monitoring list can be expanded and new websites can be included within minutes of the clients’ request. As an additional service, we would like to underscore monitoring blogs from packages focused on industries such as the cosmetic industry, the fashion industry, the food industry, the real estate industry, the automotive industry and other areas important to clients.