KlipingMAP is an innovative platform which enables you to simply and efficiently manage all media content in one place. We are the proud winner of the silver medal for innovation for the first version of the KlipingMAP application, presented to us by the International Association for Measurement and Evaluation of Communication (AMEC) in 2013. In the period after the award, we have strived to constantly develop and advance KlipingMAP by following current international trends and taking into consideration the changing needs of our clients. Advanced search by any word with the standard content filtering option (according to the type of media, the topics monitored, the medium, the author), marked and prominent key words for a quicker and easier overview of posts, creation of pdf and excel reports made up of selected content in just a few minutes, sending reports to email, online analytics in real time, automatically generated graphs with the option of exporting them to several formats (jpg, pdf, excel) are just some of the functionalities of the KlipingMAP application which will make your every day job easier and shorten the time you currently spend monitoring media content and preparing various reports and analyses.



In the monitoring section of the KlipingMAP application, you can swiftly and easily read your media reports, create basic and advance queries, filter and select content and create reports in just a few clicks. You can search the database using any word or complex phrase, which enables you to search through content so that the results:

  • Necessarily contain a certain word or phrase
  • Contain all the words entered
  • Contain at least one of the words entered
  • Do not contain a certain word or a phrase


  • You’re a client from the banking sector and you want media reports from print media in 2018 which contain the following phrase – “key policy rate”?
  • As the monitoring topics, you have the name of your company and your main competitor. In 2018, your company and your competitor were visited by some renowned state official. You want to search media reports which mention the said state official and compare the number of media reports on the visit to your company to the number of media reports on the visit to your competitor?
  • You need media reports from the previous year which mention some of your employees?
  • You organized an event and you urgently need a report with media content just about that event?

These are all potential situations which you can solve in KlipingMAP in five minutes or less, with just a few simple steps.

Additionally, you can create your personalized filters to show and automatically distribute media reports. In just a few clicks, you can set the automatic delivery of every media report which appears on your profile to your selected emails, or create a filter which will show only the media reports which correspond to certain parameters you designate.

For an online or live demonstration of the aforementioned functionalities, and many more additional possibilities that the KlipingMAP platform offers, you can sign up at the bottom of the page.



In the ANALYTICS section, you have the option of creating simple quantitative analytical reports, based on all functionalities listed in the MONITORING section. After you create your query and selection of content in the MONITORING SECTION, when you switch to ANALYTICS, the graphs based on the selected parameters are automatically generated. All graphs can be exported to .jpg and .pdf format, so you can use them in your internal documents or presentations.



  • Top 10 media
  • Top 10 authors
  • Overview of the number of reports according to topics
  • Overview of the number of reports according to the type of media
  • Overview of trends (the movement of the number of media reports according to all listed parameters in the selected time period)

Also, this section has several advanced functions which you can use to easily and swiftly create analyses of your media representation or a certain event, or analytically show the media presence of your company in relation to your competitors.