Specialized analyses

specijalizovane analize


After organizing a certain event, the evaluation through event analysis shows how the media reported on it. This type of analysis serves as a criterion of success and helps you to prepare a suitable communication plan for future events. It shows good practices and possible weak points which marked the media appearance of the event itself. By combining the accompanying media activities within the organization of the event (announcement of the event, advertising, PR texts and press releases), aside from the elements from the in-depth analysis, this analysis also shows:

  • The number of texts relative to the timeline of events (the number of event announcements, media reports from the event, reports after the event)
  • Highlighting of the sponsors/partners of the event;
  • Quoted sources/speakers that the authors of the media reports cite;
  • The share of media reports with images;
  • The share of reports which mention the event in the title;
  • The share of reports with key messages;



Advertising analysis shows and compares direct and planned media activities. Based on this analysis, it is possible to ascertain:

  • The number of ads/commercials/banners;
  • The size/duration of the ad/commercial/banner;
  • The frequency of appearance of the ad/commercial/banner;
  • The content of the messages in ads/commercials/banners;
  • The content of the slogan;
  • The price of renting media space;
  • The publisher in whose media the ad/commercial/banner was published;
  • The specialization of the media in which the ad/commercial/banner was published.



The goal of this analysis is to establish to what extent a company or a brand appeared in the media within a certain event (cultural, sports, charity) or directly in the context of some type of sponsorship. Based on monitoring the name, the sponsor’s logo in the media, the commercial value and effect of sponsorship is determined.



The analyses of socio-political events show the way the media report on certain important events in the state or abroad, like election campaigns, privatizations of large companies, large sports competitions and festivals, etc. Based on the election campaign analyses, which Kliping has carried out for the past ten years, you can gain insight into:

  • The individual representation of the candidates in the media during the election process:
  • The total time certain media dedicate to the election campaign;
  • The main messages that the election candidates send through the media;
  • The tone of the reports of the media on certain candidates.

Aside from the quantitative overview of media reports, the goal of the analyses of socio-political events is the qualitative overview of the difference in the reporting of different media.