Social media content analysis

analiza sadržaja sa društvenih mreza

Through the social media content analysis, we provide an insight into people’s opinions and stances, their emotions and intentions. You will receive data on what social media users think about your company, products, services, campaigns, market, competition, employees, partners… Aside from that, the social media content analysis shows on which social networks you or your competition are mentioned most, how often, as well as the tone of the mentions (in a positive, neutral, or negative context).

With the help of our social media monitoring software Metricom, we gather and analyze over a million posts from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, relevant forums and blogs, as well as comments on texts from the most read internet portals in Serbia and in the region every day.

The basic analytical report from gathered posts contains information such as:

  • The total number of posts (FB, TW, IN, YT, forum, blog…)
  • The number of posts on individual social networks;
  • The sentiment of the posts (positive, neutral, negative);
  • The thematic focus (corporate, brand, CSR activities, sponsorships, highlighting representatives of the companies or promotional campaigns, etc.)
  • The number of impressions;
  • The number of interactions;
  • The list of the most influential influencers;
  • Engagement;
  • Word cloud.