Media strategy analysis

analiza medijskih strategija stranicu

A media strategy analysis exceeds merely retelling and interpreting what happened. Through this analysis, we offer an insight into the context of your mentions in the media and provide an overview of the evaluation of your previous media strategy and advice on what you need for continuous improvement. The reports contain the interpretive analysis of content, media, your target groups, messages, and they provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of media reports on you or your competition, while simultaneously delineating clear guidelines for future communication with the media. By using the data gained in the media consumption survey, we give you an insight into:

  • The media that report on you;
  • The media publishers;
  • The media specialization and coverage;
  • The tone (positive, neutral, negative);
  • The publicity of the reports;
  • The planning of the reports;
  • The commercial value of the reports based on the price of advertising;
  • The PR values of reports based on the price of advertising.

In the special section of the analysis, we also underscore data on:

  • Your target groups (women, men, companies, NGOs, influencers, etc.);
  • The media;
  • Key messages;