Media Representation Analyses

analiza medijske zastupljenosti

Basic analysis

By using quantitative elements, we provide you with information important for further planning of media appearances or evaluation of previous activities as soon as possible. The basic analyses show your media presence and/or the media presence of your competitors through:

  • The number of media reports;
  • The type of media;
  • Media coverage;
  • The periodicity of the media;
  • The authors of the reports;
  • The surface/duration/time of the reports;


In-depth analysis

The in-depth analysis contains additional quantitative and qualitative elements which we use to present your appearance in the media, with special emphasis on the content of the media reports (i.e. on what type of business the media reported most, the messages relayed, the tone), based on which we are able to offer feedback on the effect of PR activities. Aside from quantitative elements from Basic Analyses, this analysis also contains:

  • A detailed media and thematic focus of the media;
  • The tone of the media reports;
  • The publicity of the reports;
  • The planning of the reports;
  • Key messages;
  • The commercial value of reports based on the price of advertising;
  • The PR value of reports based on the price of advertising;