You can get all media texts and editorials in the source language and in your native language or your primary language of communication. We offer translations from and into the requested language to a large number of domestic and international clients. This includes languages such as Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, Montenegrin, Slovenian, Macedonian, Albanian, Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Czech, Slovak, Polish, German, and, of course, English.


The translation services include:

  • Translations of whole media texts,
  • Translations of editorials,
  • Translations of analyses,
  • Translation of internal documents,
  • Translations of communication on social media.


Our translation service is incredibly important for our international clients, as well as clients have people in their top management whose native language is not Serbian or who don’t speak Serbian at all. Aside from that, considering that we cover all the states of the world through our cooperation with other members of the Newton Media Group and FIBEP, translating media texts from foreign languages into Serbian and/or English enables our clients to understand the material made by Kliping and use it in an efficient way. Our cooperation with translation sectors of companies that are part of the Newton Media Group means that the spectrum of language combinations can be quite broad, and that the delivery deadlines can be incredibly short. Kliping’s translation team covers over 10 European languages and includes translators who are native speakers of foreign languages.

Aside from translating whole media texts, we offer translation services for editorials, internal documents, analyses, communication on social media, websites, as well as translation services for all other types of documents. The delivery deadlines are determined in accordance with the clients’ requests, and translations can be requested any day at any time. The prices are determined based on quantity, language combinations and delivery deadlines, but usually, the scope of the price is 6 euro per translation page (1,500 characters without spaces) and higher.