For several years, global experts in the field of media and measuring the effects of communication stress that the extremely widespread way of media evaluation through AVE or commercial value of media reports has proven to be insufficiently relevant, and, often, completely wrong. Based on trends on developed markets, we started conducting internal surveys of media consumption, which offer many quite useful data for our media representation analyses. Aside from the information about the OTS (Opportunity to see), i.e. the number of people over eighteen in Serbia that had the opportunity to see a text/report on you in a certain medium, thanks to the data received through the media consumption survey, you can gain insight into the socio-demographic image of the reader/viewer of a certain medium, which media they watch/read, how often and at what time. These data can significantly help you define the target media based on the target group you want to address, or show a new product/service to, as well as get a clear image about who had the chance to see your campaign, or an event you organized or any other media content.



Together with the media consumption surveys that we conduct several times a year, you can order short Omnibus Surveys which include several questions. Ask the public some of these questions:

  • What do they think about your product and services?
  • How much, when and where was your campaign observed?
  • What is it that motivated them to buy your product?
  • Would they recommend your product or service?

Or anything else that is important to you and that you would want to learn at the moment the survey is conducted.

At any point of the survey, you can order a three-question package, at quite affordable prices.

*Surveys are conducted via telephone on a representative sample of 1,000 respondents, citizens of the Republic of Serbia who are over eighteen.