Mystery shopping is a service which offers you objective and relevant information about the quality of the relation of your employees towards the buyers of your product and users of your services. That information is the basis for the control and the advancement of sales performance and for building better relations with your clients, which, consequently, leads to increased sales and profit.

Through the mystery shopping method, our trained buyers, selected to match your target group in lifestyle and habits, gather valuable information about:

  • The appearance of the interior
  • Hygiene
  • Training of the employees
  • Communication
  • Availability of the product
  • The employees’ adherence to previously set scenarios of sale
  • Reaction to objections and complaints

And much more.

Therefore, the Mystery Shopping service offers you a clear image about the current performance of your employees and points out areas in which you need to work with employees through training, education and motivation.

Surely you have read many studies which state that it takes more resources to gain a new customer, than to keep the old one. Also, you’ve probably read that only a tiny percentage of customers return to a store if they have experienced an unpleasant situation during shopping there, or if they are dissatisfied with the quality of service. Not to mention how willing some angry and livid clients are, thanks to social networks, to share their bad experience with a wide audience.

Because of all that, it is necessary to work continuously with employees who are in direct contact with your customers. It is necessary to emphasize positive examples, and correct the bad ones as soon as possible. Mystery Shopping is a service which helps you immensely to achieve that.

The following Mystery Shopping techniques are included in our offer:

  • Mystery visit (and/or shopping)
  • Mystery call (and/or meeting)
  • Mystery e-mail
  • Mystery monitoring of the competition

Sign up and schedule a meeting, in which we will go through any possible dilemmas or questions that you may have and present to you in person some of the case studies from our practice so far. The special advantage of the mystery shopping service is that specific results and benefits are visible in quite a short amount of time.