Bespoke media monitoring and analysis solutions

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Get informed in a timely manner of all relevant media reports important for your business! Through media monitoring, we cover over 300 national, regional and local print media, as well as specialized press and bulletins, more than 100 national, regional and local television channels and radio stations and a great deal of news and specialized internet portals and blogs. Alarm clipping, online quantitative analyses, as well as use of all advanced functions of the web application KlipingMAP are included in the price of the basic service.
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The social media monitoring service is slowly, but surely, becoming a necessity if you want to be informed adequately of the communication being conducted more and more on the internet, and less and less in traditional media. With the help of our social media monitoring software Metricom, we gather over a million posts from social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, relevant forums and blogs, as well as comments on texts from the most read internet portals in Serbia and in the region every day.
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TV alerts is an innovative service on the Serbian market, which enables the monitoring of TV program in real time. It takes ten minutes or less after the key word is mentioned in a TV show for the video file to be sent to your e-mail address. The service is based on Speech-to-Text technology, which we developed for the Serbian language in cooperation with our sister company Newton Technologies from Prague and the Technical University of Liberec. The TV alerts service is completely automatized and it does not depend on the human factor.
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Media Representation Analyses
Content analysis is an overview of all media parameters important for you, your company, brand, sponsorship, industry or event. It helps you create, maintain or improve your media image in the public. By using quantitative-qualitative elements, we provide you with information important for further planning of media appearances or evaluation of previous activities as soon as possible. An objective analysis of the current state is a precondition of any high-quality strategy.
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Media strategy analysis
The media strategy analysis exceeds merely retelling and interpreting what happened. Through this analysis, we offer an insight into the context of mentions in the media and provide an evaluation of previous activities and advice for continuous improvement of media strategies. The reports contain the interpretive analysis of content, media, target groups, messages, and effects, that is, they provide a detailed and comprehensive overview of media content, while simultaneously delineating clear guidelines for future communication with the media.
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Social media content analysis
Through social media content analysis, we provide an insight into people’s opinion and stances, their emotions and intentions. You will receive data on what social media users think about your company, products, services, campaigns, market, competition, employees, partners… Aside from that, social media content analysis shows on which social networks you or your competition are mentioned most, how often, as well as the tone of the mentions (positive, neutral, or negative).
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Specialized analyses
An event analysis shows the media success of the organized event and helps with the preparation of the communication plan for future events. An advertising analysis measures the results of paid media activities. Sponsorship analyses show to what extent the company or brand appeared in the media thanks to sponsorship of a certain event or person. Socio-political events analyses present the manner of media reporting on socio-political events like election campaigns, big sports competitions, festivals, etc.
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Aside from the information about the OTS (Opportunity to see), i.e. the number of people over eighteen in Serbia that had the opportunity to see a text/report on you in a certain medium, thanks to the data received through the media consumption survey, you can gain insight into the socio-demographic image of the reader/viewer of a certain medium, which media they watch/read, how often and at what time. Together with the media consumption surveys that we conduct several times a year, you can also order short Omnibus Surveys which include several questions.
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Mystery shopping offers you objective and relevant information about the quality of the relation of your employees towards the buyers of your product and users of your services. That information is the basis for the control and the advancement of sales performance and for building better relations with your clients, which, consequently, leads to increased sales and profit. Mystery shopping offers a clear image about the current performance of your employees and points out areas in which you need to work with employees through training, education and additional motivation.
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You can get all media texts and editorials in the source language and in your native language or your primary language of communication. We offer translations of media reports, editorials, internal documents, analyses, communication on social media and all other types of material to a large number of domestic and international clients. Kliping’s translation team covers over 10 European languages and includes translators who are native speakers of foreign languages.
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For clients who get as many as several hundred texts from the media a day, it can be a true challenge reading everything, spotting priorities and reacting in a timely manner. Kliping’s team of editors sorts posts and creates a report for you, which, in just a few minutes of your time, gives you an overview of all media content, sorted by priority and key words and summarized in such a way so as to provide you with the most important information. If you want to read the original text, watch the video or listen to the recording, you simply need to click on the hyperlink
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Kliping Map

KlipingMAP is an innovative platform which enables you to simply and efficiently manage all media content in one place. Advanced search by any word with the standard content filtering options (according to the type of media, the monitored topic, the medium, the author), marked and prominent key words for a faster and simpler overview of media reports, creation of pdf and excel reports in just a few minutes, sending media reports to your e-mail, as well as real-time online analytics and automatically generated graphs with the option of exporting them to several formats (jpg, pdf, excel) are just some of the functionalities of the KlipingMAP application which will make your everyday job easier and shorten the time you currently spend monitoring media content and preparing various reports and analyses.

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Download Mobile Applications

Thanks to our mobile app, you can keep in touch with the latest media reports when you are not on your computer. You can download the app by clicking on the corresponding icon below, depending on the operating system of your phone:



Keep in touch with the latest current topics talked about in central news shows. Sign up and you will receive access information for the web or mobile app, where you can look through the media announcements from...
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Every evening between 9:30 pm and 10:00 pm, you will receive front pages of the evening editions of the daily newspapers that hit the newsstands the following day. Be informed about the main topics of the daily press in ...
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Every morning between 9:00 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. a daily bulletin which contains the 6 most important pieces of news, selected by our editors, about the political and economic current events present in daily newspap...
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Kliping blog

Ekspanzijom korišćenja interneta i društvenih mreža, mediji prolaze kroz velike transformacije i suočavaju se sa brojnim izazovima. Promene sa kojima se mediji suočavaju posledično utiču i na način na koji radimo, komuniciramo, živimo… Jedna od posledica je i pojava ogromne količine informacija, pa je sve teže doći do relevantnog i korisnog sadržaja.   Mi se...
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Širenje lažnih vesti na društvenim mrežama obeležilo 2018.

Od brazilskih predsedničkih izbora do „žutih prsluka“ u Francuskoj, 2018. godina je bila obeležena jačanjem uticaja lažnih vesti, čemu su posebno doprineli društveni mediji. To je potkopalo već ionako slabo poverenje u medije i institucije. Dezinformacije su procvetale. Mnoge fotografije, iako stvarne, koristile su se kako bi im se dao drugi smisao: policijsko nasilje u...
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4 glavna trenda digitalne transformacije u medijima i industriji zabave za 2019. godinu

Daniel Njumen, izvršni direktor kompanije Broadsuite Media Group, glavni analitičar Futurum-a i autor knjige “Futureproof”, izdvojio je 4 trenda digitalne transformacije u medijima i industriji zabave za 2019. godinu. Izobilje reklama. U 2019. godini povećaće se potrošnja u digitalnom video oglašavanju. Prema podacima eMarketer-a, količina digitalnog video oglašavanja koja se programski realizuje će se 2019....
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Newton Media Group

NEWTON Media SEE is the leading company in media intelligence, research and media consulting in South-Eastern Europe. NM SEE daughter companies have been pioneers in press clipping and media monitoring in the region since early 1990, evolving to become market leaders in the new millennium with advanced technological solutions and ever more sophisticated products and services Long-lasting success and impressive business results in all NM SEE members come from constant orientation toward meeting customer needs, while continuously improving performance. The result is the group’s major market share and competitive edge no other entity can beat in this part of Europe. The main goal of the NEWTON MEDIA Group, a central hub for media monitoring and analysis in Southeast Europe, is to offer customers access to all media channels in one place and provide them with complete support in decision making and help in achieving their strategic goals.


NEWTON Dictate is a unique solution for writing texts using your voice. Thanks to numerous lexicons containing more than a million expressions of specialized terminology and advanced voice control options it allows you to optimize your work process, save time and focus more on what you actually need to do.


Crispy is a complex and powerful platform for mystery shopping research and evaluation. With Crispy you can harness all the mystery shopping processes from one place. Crispy modules enable the commissioning and training of mystery shoppers, entering and editing of field data, drafting reports, and data analysis. Clients receive complex reports including descriptive and trend analyses, rankings, charts, individual detailed descriptions, and cumulative managerial conclusions.


Using machine learning technology, Classifier is able to mine your text documents in a quick and cost-effective way. It automatically selects relevant items according to your needs instead of manual selection. Classifier can detect not only clearly defined keywords, but also more general topics and categories. The system is designed to fit together in modular fashion. There are add-ons enabling detection of events or similar stories. Extraction of metadata from your text documents has never been easier.


Metricom is an in-house developed social media & online monitoring and analytical tool. Encompassing an extremely large number of online sources, Metricom enables the collection of a relevant number of media items. This provides for an overview of a company’s appearance in the public and an analysis of the image and effect of individual communications actions.

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